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3 Films For Your Weekend #2

Back in July, I recommended 3 films for your weekend. Here are another 3 great films you might have easily missed when fighting with the algorithms on your favourite streaming platforms. Again, I have tried to include films from public platforms like BBC iPlayer and All 4. As I pointed out in my previous post,…

Public film in the UK: BBC iPlayer and All 4 as digital public space

Freely available films on BBC iPlayer and All4 offer different worlds to the British taxpayer. Do we make the most of them? And what do they contribute to digital public space? Publicly funded channels BBC and Channel 4 have developed sophisticated streaming platforms in recent years that compete with the likes of Amazon Prime Video…

3 films for your weekend

It seems commonly accepted that streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video and Netflix offer popular, often trashy films that one can tune into to pass the time or to have on in the background, rather than places where good, enriching, and valuable films live. Many, including myself, have turned to platforms like MUBI which not only…

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